Strengthening your business one labour negotiation at a time.

  • Bargaining team orientation
  • Market research
  • Mandate development
  • Objective and priority setting
  • Proposal preparation
  • Mediation / Conciliation
  • Final offer vote
  • Interest arbitration
  • First contract selection arbitration
  • Management training on new collective agreement

Dual-Pronged Legal Expertise

The services provided by GTL couples the precision of a Bay Street lawyer with the real world practicality of in-house expertise, because its Principal has both. With over 25 rounds of collective bargaining experience at a total annual compensation cost approaching a billion dollars, you can be confident GTL will deliver.

Coaching and Mentoring

During the course of collective bargaining, GTL will coach and mentor your in-house labour relations professionals assigned to the negotiating team.  While GTL values the possibility of repeat business from its clients, it also recognizes that some clients may want to develop, over time, a greater in-house expertise.

Uncompromising Principles

GTL will bargain hard on issues but not at the expense of compromising its professionalism, civility and integrity.  This is the reputation GTL brings to bear and imparts to your company as its representative.

Cost Effectiveness

The flat fee cost structure is an incentive for GTL to deliver a collective agreement in a timely manner, which means less angst on both sides of the table, less likelihood of a work stoppage, and allows management and employees alike to quickly refocus on the work of the business.  A material portion of GTL's fee is payable only once there is a binding collective agreement.  This is how GTL guarantees a quality outcome every time.

The GTL Advantage

Strengthening your business is GTL's purpose.  An effectively negotiated collective agreement controls short and long term costs of labour, improves operational and administrative efficiency, advances employee engagement, and supports a positive working relationship with the union.

Cost Predictability

The duration and work effort for any given round of collective bargaining is inherently unpredictable - but the costs needn't be.  GTL provides a flat fee cost structure based on the number of employees in the bargaining unit, and in so doing, limits what you will spend, regardless of how intense or how long the process takes.  GTL bears that risk.

The collective agreement is perhaps the most important contract you will negotiate for your company.  If you don't negotiate well, you'll spend significant time and resources managing an unmanageable contract or trying to undo what was done, poorly, during collective bargaining.  The long term effects can be devastating.  So give collective bargaining the attention it warrants. Let GTL negotiate a stronger business for you.

Strategic Advantage of a Lawyer

Having a lawyer negotiate your collective agreement gives you a strategic advantage at the table: expert knowledge of labour relations legislation and its processes, carefully drafted proposals through the lens of arbitral case law, legal opinion protected by solicitor & client privilege and, if necessary, representation in various legal fora such as arbitration, ensuring a continuity of service from beginning to end. 

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