Professional Corporation

  • Bargaining team orientation
  • Market research
  • Mandate development
  • Objective and priority setting
  • Proposal preparation
  • Mediation / Conciliation
  • Final offer vote
  • Interest arbitration
  • First contract selection arbitration
  • Management training on new collective agreement


Collective Bargaining

In addition to representing your company as Chief Spokesperson at the negotiating table and serving as strategic advisor, GTL will provide the following services throughout the bargaining process:

Labour & Employment, Human Rights Consultation and Legal Advice
GTL will provide legal advice and consultation on virtually any matter involving your workforce, including conducting harassment/discrimination investigations.

Employment Documentation Review
GTL will review and revise your employment contracts, appointment letters, termination letters, releases etc. to ensure they are reflective of the latest developments in the law but that also read simply, clearly and appropriate to the sophistication level of the targeted audience.

Policy Audit
GTL will review your entire suite of policies to ensure that it is comprehensive and legally compliant, balanced against your risk tolerance and particular preferences for operational flexibility versus control.  GTL will also give your suite of policies a consistent look-and-feel, aligned with your company culture.

Strengthening your business one labour negotiation at a time.